Logistics + VICARLI Warehouse Management System

VICARLI Warehouse Management System

We have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that controls the logistics processes common to any multinational company in an end-to-end manner. This means we can eliminate inefficiencies and simplify processes and the exchange of information.

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WMS with technology developed in-house

  • Our WMS system is set up to work in a fully integrated manner with the client’s ERP, and simultaneously with other integrated systems.
  • The organisation and process structure of the application is compatible with SAP.
  • It can handle an unlimited number of warehouses or users at national and international level.
  • It is complemented by a consultancy service backed up by long-standing experience, offering the best integrated solutions for processes and systems.
  • It is an innovative system designed for industrial companies that operate in fast-changing environments, with a range of activities carried out by different profiles within the organisation.
  • Processes controlled, designed and adapted to the client’s procedures, which minimises administration, maximises results and provides real-time information for the entire company.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • High level of information available in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Ad hoc reports.
  • High level of configuration for profiles and users according to areas and functions.
  • Interface available to suppliers and clients of our clients.

High level of specialisation in sectors such as:

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Storage of chemical products

Pictograma de papel y derivados

Paper and derived products

Pictograma de Energías renovables

Renewable energies


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200,000+ m² storage space

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99.5% reliability

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250,000+ annual references

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300+ employees

Internal: Global Solutions

Supply logistics

  • Purchasing and planning management
  • Transport of raw materials
  • Storage and handling systems
  • Packaging management
  • Storage of raw materials via picking
  • Management of raw material stock

Production logistics

  • Supply to work stations
  • Operations between production lines
  • JIT/Kanban/OF processes

Storage logistics

  • Stock control
  • Storage techniques
  • Picking systems (manual, automatic and combined)
  • Packaging management

External – Outsourcing: Value added projects.
Monitoring and management of the supply chain

  • Full-load transport
  • Centralised distribution (direct to client)
  • LCL (groupage)
  • Modality: road, sea, air, rail or combined

Inverse: End-to-end waste management

End-to-end waste management

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